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Country: United Kingdom

concerts 2019

concerts in May 2019

Sun 2019/05/26, 11:30Beethoven, Lutosławski and
Beethoven, Lutosławski and Mendelssohn-Mason pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/05/26, 15:00Sibelius and
Sibelius and Rachmaninovne; Alisdair Hogarth pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/05/26, 19:30Transitional SeasonsTransitional Seasonsnor; Simon Lepper pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/05/27, 13:00Kuss QuartetBeethoven and PoppeLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/05/27, 19:30StevensonStevensont pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/05/28, 19:30L'ArpeggiataTime Stands StillLondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/05/29, 11:00RNIB Study DayProfessional development day for blind, partially sighted ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/05/29, 19:30Endellion String QuartetBeethoven, Beamish, Boondiskulchok and moreLondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/05/30, 13:00György Pauk
This event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/05/30, 19:30BachBachry Hahn violinLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/05/31, 19:00Jason Moran pianoThis event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/05/31, 22:00Bach and KhanBach and Khangash sarod; Ayaan Ali Bangash ...LondonWigmore Hall 

concerts in June 2019

Sat 2019/06/01, 11:00RNIB Family DayFor blind and partially sighted children aged ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/06/01, 19:30SchubertSchubertlner pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/06/02, 11:30Biber, Beethoven and
Vaughan Williams
Biber, Beethoven and Vaughan Williamsck piano; Charlotte ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/06/02, 19:30If Fiordiligi and Dorabella had been
Lieder ...
If Fiordiligi and Dorabella had been Lieder ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/06/03, 13:00StravinskyStravinskyolts violin; Peter Laul pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/06/03, 19:30Martin&#367,
Dvořák and Brahms
Martin&#367, Dvořák and BrahmsnoLondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/06/04, 10:30For families living
with dementia
For families living with dementiangLondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/06/04, 19:30JugendJugenda Tilling soprano; Paul Rivinius pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/06/05, 19:30Liszt, Schubert and MahlerLiszt, Schubert and Mahler Gerold Huber pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/06/06, 10:15Chamber Tots: Train RideMusic-making workshop for children aged 1 – ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/06/06, 11:45Chamber Tots: Train RideMusic-making workshop for children aged 3 – ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/06/06, 16:45Introduction to Music: Second
Viennese School
This event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/06/06, 19:30Katya Apekisheva pianoProkofiev, Schubert, Haydn, Janáček and RachmaninovLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/06/07, 13:00Nicholas Daniel
This event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/06/07, 19:30Josquin des Prez
and his legacy
Josquin des Prez and his legacyorLondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/06/08, 11:30Nicholas Daniel Oboe DayNicholas Daniel Oboe Dayucy Wakeford harp; Wigmore ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/06/08, 15:00Nicholas Daniel Oboe DayNicholas Daniel Oboe Dayulius Drake piano; Guildhall ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/06/08, 19:30Nicholas Daniel oboeNicholas Daniel Oboe DayLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/06/09, 11:30Hugo Wolf QuartettHaydn, Komitas and JanáčekLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/06/10, 13:00Jean Rondeau
Bach, Scarlatti and BrahmsLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/06/10, 19:30Beethoven and SchubertBeethoven and Schubertno Senft double bass; Boris ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/06/11, 19:30Orpheus of PrincesOrpheus of PrincestLondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/06/12, 19:30Songs of Longing and ExileSongs of Longing and ExileoudLondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/06/13, 11:00For Crying Out Loud!Informal concerts for parents or carers and ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/06/13, 19:30BachBachla Hewitt pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/06/14, 19:00BeethovenBeethovenFaust violin; Jean-Guihen Queyras cello; Alexander Melnikov ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/06/14, 22:00Viktoria Mullova violinBach, Fujikura, Benjamin, Mullov-Abbado and ProkofievLondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/06/15Simon-Várjon Piano Duo+HertfordAll Saints’ Church 
Sat 2019/06/15, 11:00Relaxed Concert:
Bloomsbury Quartet
This event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/06/15, 19:30Schubert, Rachmaninov, Turnage
and Britten
Schubert, Rachmaninov, Turnage and Britten pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/06/16, 11:30Heath QuartetBritten and RavelLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/06/16, 18:00Pre-Concert TalkThis event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/06/16, 19:30Simon-Várjon Piano DuoFauré and Schumann Duo
Artists: Dénes Várjon
LondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/06/17, 13:00Bach and DutilleuxBach and Dutilleux celloLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/06/17, 19:30Shostakovich
and Schubert
Shostakovich and Schubertrhardt celloLondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/06/18, 13:00Leeds Lieder Young Artists
This event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/06/18, 18:15Bechstein Sessions: BirdWorldThis event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/06/18, 19:30ChopinChopin Babayan pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/06/19, 19:00Leeds Lieder
Fundraising Gala
This event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/06/20, 11:00Key Stage 1Key Stage 1cert: Glitter BirdLondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/06/20, 19:30The Cardinall's MusickThe Company of Heaven IIILondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/06/21, 19:00Rachmaninov, Chopin
and Golovin
Rachmaninov, Chopin and Goloviner Melnikov pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/06/21, 22:00Chineke! EnsembleSaint-Saëns, Wallen and Coleridge-TaylorLondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/06/22, 11:00For ages 5 plusFor ages 5 plus Concert: Thorne TrioLondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/06/22, 19:30Loewe, Wolf
and Stephan
Loewe, Wolf and Stephan; Gerold Huber pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/06/23, 11:30Andrew Tyson pianoCouperin, Messiaen, Liszt, Respighi and ChopinLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/06/23, 19:30Shostakovich,
Martin and Mahler
Shostakovich, Martin and MahlerAntonio Pappano pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/06/24, 13:00Schumann, Wolf
and Pfitzner
Schumann, Wolf and Pfitznerne; Graham Johnson pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/06/24, 19:30MozartMozartle MarsyasLondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/06/25, 19:00Emanuel Ax 70th
birthday concert
Emanuel Ax 70th birthday concertnlyside baritone; Dover ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/06/26, 19:30SchubertSchubert Goerne baritone; Alexander Schmalcz pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/06/27, 19:30Mozart, Traetta and HaydnMozart, Traetta and Haydne Rice mezzo-soprano; David ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/06/28, 19:00NightfallNightfalla Ott pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/06/28, 22:00softLOUDsoftLOUDbe guitarLondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/06/29, 19:30Evgeny Kissin pianoBenefit Concert for Save a Child’s HeartLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/06/30, 11:30BeethovenBeethovenring QuartetLondonWigmore Hall 

concerts in July 2019

Mon 2019/07/01, 13:00Colin Currie QuartetPereira, Volans, Stockhausen and ReichLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/07/01, 19:30Vivaldi and BachVivaldi and Bachiolin, director; Brecon BaroqueLondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/07/02, 19:30SchubertSchubertridge tenor; Lars Vogt pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/07/03, 14:00Chamber Tots: Rivers
and Jungles
Music-making workshop for children aged 3 – ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/07/03, 19:30Brett Polegato baritone; Iain
Burnside piano
A Transatlantic Voyage: English Songs from Here ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/07/04, 19:30SchubertSchubertridge tenor; Lars Vogt pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/07/05, 19:00Lucas Debargue pianoScarlatti, Bach and MedtnerLondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/07/06, 19:30BeethovenBeethovenillips cello; François-Frédéric Guy pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/07/07, 11:30Smetana TrioBeethoven and DvořákLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/07/07, 19:30Wihan QuartetSuk, Dvořák and BeethovenLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/07/08, 13:00Brahms and LisztBrahms and LisztianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/07/08, 18:00Pre-Concert TalkThis event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/07/08, 19:30The MozartistsMozart’s TravelsLondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/07/09, 19:30BachBachn Esfahani harpsichordLondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/07/10, 19:30Mozart, Poulenc and
Mozart, Poulenc and Saint-SaënsSchwizgebel pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/07/11, 18:00Pre-Concert TalkThis event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/07/11, 19:30OrlandoOrlandonuel Cenčić countertenor; Le Concert de l’Hostel ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/07/12, 19:00Silesian String QuartetSzymanowski, Bacewicz, Stravinsky and SchumannLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/07/12, 22:00Adam Walker flute; Sean
Shibe guitar
Piazzolla, Debussy, Takemitsu, Poulenc and ShankarLondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/07/13, 19:30BachBachLuminis; Lionel Meunier artistic directorLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/07/14, 11:30Maxim Bernard pianoChopin in all his statesLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/07/14, 19:30Django Bates Belovèd jazz trio; Evan
Parker ...
This event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/07/15, 13:00Falla, Schubert and KodályFalla, Schubert and Kodálywook Kim pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/07/15, 19:30István Várdai+LondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/07/16, 19:30Elisabeth Leonskaja pianoMozart, Herschkowitz and BergLondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/07/17, 17:30Bloomsbury QuartetThis event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/07/17, 19:30Bach, Wiancko,
Schubert and more
Bach, Wiancko, Schubert and mores pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/07/18, 15:00Music for the MomentThis event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/07/18, 19:30SchubertSchubertüra tenor; Christoph Berner pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/07/19, 19:00Kian Soltani cello; Aaron
Pilsan piano
Debussy, Prokofiev, Shostakovich and ChopinLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/07/19, 22:00Songs my father taught meSongs my father taught meichard Sisson pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/07/20, 10:00Come and Sing:
Sounds of America
This event is currently only available to ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/07/20, 19:30BeethovenBeethovenautigam fortepianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/07/21, 11:30Calidore String QuartetBeethoven and MendelssohnLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/07/21, 19:30Brahms Plus SchubertBrahms Plus SchubertpianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Mon 2019/07/22, 19:30Beethoven, Škerjanc, Prokofiev
and Debussy
Beethoven, Škerjanc, Prokofiev and DebussyoLondonWigmore Hall 
Tue 2019/07/23, 19:30Schumann, Mahler, Bridge
and Britten
Schumann, Mahler, Bridge and BrittenMalcolm Martineau pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Wed 2019/07/24, 19:30Brahms, Mahler
and Schumann
Brahms, Mahler and Schumannewis pianoLondonWigmore Hall 
Thu 2019/07/25, 19:30Kit Armstrong pianoMozart, Bach and ByrdLondonWigmore Hall 
Fri 2019/07/26, 19:30Blue Skies: Songlines to
American Music
Blue Skies: Songlines to American MusicMcGill woodwind; ...LondonWigmore Hall 
Sat 2019/07/27, 19:30Mozart in SalzburgMozart in Salzburgel; Hervé Niquet directorLondonWigmore Hall 
Sun 2019/07/28, 11:30Chiaroscuro QuartetBeethoven and SchubertLondonWigmore Hall 

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